System Name :CRE-AIIMS,JAA,LDC,Jr. Administrative
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Subject :Typing Test
Live Test Schedule Morn. Session 7 AM And Even. Session 7.20 PM CRE-AIIMS,JAA,LDC,Jr. Administrative English Typing Test
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Important Notice For AIIMS CRE,JAA,LDC,Jr. Administrative English Typing
A. Typing Skill Test a) Nature of Examination Qualifying Examination only. b) Mode of Examination Candidates will be evaluated for their typing proficiency in the computer The text for typing will be provided in the language chosen by the candidate c) Language of Examination: English or Hindi Candidates can choose either English or Hindi for the test. I. For the English Test conventional QWERTY Computer Keyboard will be provided. II. For the Hindi Test candidates are required to familiarize themselves with Mangal on the conventional English QWERTY Keyboard/Inscript Key Board respectively. There is no provision for any other type of keyboard or font for this test. d) Skill Test Norms Qualifying Speed for English Typewriting test for 10-minute test: 35 w.p.m. on Computer. Or Qualifying Speed for Hindi Typewriting for 10-minute test: 30 w.p.m. on Computer. e) Calculation of Speed Actual words in print being of unequal length. It is necessary to apply a uniform yardstick in counting words and calculating errors i. Calculation of words The standard measure is: 5 strokes / characters make one word. To determine the words typed, therefore, the number of strokes typed by the candidate will be divided by 5.
ii. Nature of errors / mistakes Full mistakes: Omission of every word or figure Substitution of every wrong word / figure Addition of every wrong word / figure not found in the passage Half mistakes: Spacing errors: Where no space or extra space is provided between two words or figures Spelling errors: Repetition or addition or transposition or omission or substitution of a letter / letters. Wrong capitalization: Wrong use of capital letters for small case letters or use of small case letters for capital letters [Not applicable for Hindi typing] iii. Penalty for errors / mistakes: For each full mistake the penalty shall be 50 strokes / characters or 10 words (5 strokes = 1 word) iv. Method of Scoring The Net Typing Speed and Accuracy shall be calculated for each candidate v. Gross Typing Speed: Gross typing speed is calculated by the total number of strokes / characters typed per minute ignoring the mistake. Therefore, if you have typed 2400 strokes / characters in 10 minutes shall be Number of strokes / characters per words = 2400/5 or 480 words Since 5 strokes / characters = 1 word. Gross Typing Speed = 480/10= 48 wpm vi. Calculation of errors: Supposing in the above test you have made 2 Full mistakes and 10 half mistakes. The total mistakes =2 +10/2 = 2+5= 7 mistakes Since each mistake is equal to 50 strokes or 10 words: Penalty = 350 strokes (7 X 50) or 70 words (7 X 10) in 10 minutes = 70 strokes (350/5) or 14 words (70/5) in 10 minute vii. Net Typing Speed: Net Typing Speed= Gross Typing Speed – Penalty for errors / mistakes In the above case Net Typing Speed= 48-14= 34 wpm viii. Accuracy Accuracy = Net Typing Speed X100 Gross Typing Speed In the above case the Accuracy would thus be: Accuracy= ଷସ ସ଼ X100=70.83%