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Subject :Typing Test
Live Test Schedule Morn. Session 6 AM TO 7 AM And Even. Session 7 PM to 8 PM Sepecial Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited HINDI Typing Test
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Important Notice For UPPCL & UPRVUNL Typing Skill Test
1. Unrestricted Typing – Candidate will be allowed to proceed with the typing test, even if content is typed incorrectly. The incorrect text will be highlighted in “red” color font in the original text that is displayed in the text box. Candidate will be allowed to use backspace and delete keys. Evaluation Procedure

Evaluation Criteria Unrestricted Typing Formula 1 (Ideal for English Typing Test) Unrestricted Typing Formula 2 (Ideal for Hindi Typing Test)
Gross Words/Minute (GWM) Total number of words typed by the candidate, words identified by splitting it with space, includes both correct and incorrect words Keystroke count/5 (Assumption: 5 keystrokes make one word)
Networds Number of correct words typed Gross words – (Wrong Characters/5)
Accuracy Networds per minute * 100 / Gross words per minute Networds per minute * 100 / Gross words per minute